Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Hey Kids -

So, here it is, early, early Christmas Eve -
I'm looking at the weather forecast which predicts
rain for the next three days.
I barely got our tree up tonight, put some lights
on the house, bought a turkey for dinner tomorrow
evening...It really has been a last minute affair.

Still have not finished Christmas shopping and I'm going
to brave the last minute madness and inclement weather
to do so!

But Christmas comes once a year and through all of the
madness, and self-imposed deadlines, if you look closely
enough you can truly see miracles. You can find people
who are coming together as families and communities
if for nothing else, because it is tradition and that's what
they have always done.

Sure they'll be bickering and disappointment and holiday
greed, but there will also be reunited families, giving, sharing
and creating memories that will last lifetimes.

So, as I leave the Harbor for a few days to spend with my
tiny but loving family, I want you all to know that I send
my warmest wishes to each and every one of you this
season and I hope that the good things that Christmas
can inspire come to you in excess.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Monday, December 22, 2008

The Phantom Harbor Birthday Club

And so, this was the first video birthday greeting from
The Captain.

Like it? Know someone who would love a birthday
greeting from a doomed, undead, sea captain?

Then, make sure you e-mail Captain McAllister at:

Give him some warning though, these messages take
a little time. Also, if for some reason the Sofia Maria
is taking on some bad weather, he'll send to the proposed
recipient, an e-mail and a photo with a promise to send
along a video as soon as weather permits!

Until then,

See you around the Harbor...



Hey Kids!

The Captain FINALLY posted his Holiday Message, but judging by the snow storm, we have to cut him a LITTLE slack.

I'm posting the message here, but from now on, these messages will be available in the Captain's Quarters.

Until then, let's hear from the ole Cap'n:

Thanks Everyone for your continued support,


Facebook Fans and Messages

Hey Kids!

So there's good news and bad news...what's it gonna be?

Okay, first the bad news:

The Ole Cap'n didn't get to finish his Holiday Message yet.
Still one last thing to do before it's cut and posted. With the
help of a Christmas miracle, maybe this will happen on Monday,
Dec. 22nd.

Oh, and to you who celebrate: Happy Hanukkah! Now begins the what???
Eight Nights of celebration! Awesome! You know what makes a fantastic
gift? A personal message from the Captain. It costs nothing and he
generally gets back to people quickly. So e-mail him at
and he'll reply one way or the other.

Rumor has it that he sent out a birthday message this weekend - on video no less!

So drop the Ole Cap a line and let him know you're watching and reading.


Join Facebook and you can not only befriend me and my wife, Tracy (who directs a lot of
the live action of Phantom Harbor and is a creative force to be reckoned with) you can
also join the Phantom Harbor Fan Group: We Want More Phantom Harbor.

Folks have already signed up and a community has started. Again, rumor has it that
the Cap'n himself is reading the posts and will be responding shortly! As Tracy says:
For a guy that lives in an abandoned ship, he sure is tied in technologically!

That's just ONE of the many mysteries of Phantom Harbor!

So, I'm getting back to the Harbor myself! See you next time!


Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm Back in the Harbor, Again...

Hey Kids,

Would have said "Back in the Saddle, but trust me, there is no sign of a horse ANYWHERE around the Harbor.

Sorry about the lack in posting but I've been a bit busy with Non-Harbor stuff, however as this Yuletide approaches, Tracy and I went back to the Harbor to get a message from the Captain to all of you out there on the Internet.

Realizing that I sound like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, but with a little Christmas Magic, the Captain's Quarters should be re-organized and the Captain's Message Board should be up and running so GO CHECK IT OUT later this coming weekend.

OKAY, OKAY - What about the Phantom Harbor swag?

Yeah, I promised so where is it?

Technically it is up at Why am I not fired up about it? Why haven't many of you received enthusiastic e-mails alerting you to the fact that you could be wearing a Phantom Harbor T-Shirt or Hoodie? I'll tell you why: 1.) Not crazy about how the product is made 2) Not crazy about the prices.

I understand how Cafepress works and they have the right to make as much money on their "produce by demand" items, but I'm not confident about their direct ink printing on T-Shirts, nor their "thermal plastic" applications for dark fabrics. Sounds like a small commercial upgrade from the specialty papers you buy at Staples to make those T-Shirts that split and crumble after a couple of washings.

That's not what I want from Phantom Harbor products.

That's not what YOU want from Phantom Harbor products.

I'm currently trying to eek out some time with the multi-talented Jeff Himmel, a Special Make-Up Effects Artist friend and all-around-nice-guy to hook me up with a professional silkscreening company. Let's face it, that's THE only way to go.

As soon as that happens, I'll invest the capital and go into production and hopefully get affordable T-Shirts to everyone.

For those of you with beaucoup disposable income, you can go to

Anyhow, I'm going back to the wharf. You all try to stay warm and check the Captain's Quarters this Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Postcards and T-Shirts

Hey Kids!

Just wanted to update you with what's happening at the Harbor!
So, change in plans...I'm going to hold off on the CafePress store until
I hear back from a good friend, Jeff Himmell, who I've been told is
THE silkscreen connection. I'd rather make some nice, kick ass T-shirts
than a compromised design. I want you guys to be happy with your
purchases and proud to wear the things! If it doesn't look good,
you're not going to wear it - so bear with me just a wee bit longer.

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, the new shipment of postcards arrive. I'll be
sending them all over the country to some of the finer comic book
stores so be on the look out.

Lastly, I know how patient you've all been waiting for new video
content. Let's just say that I know that the Captain wants to send
his holiday greetings to you all, so he'll be recording a message soon.
When it is done it will appear in the new revamped Captains Quarters.

Until then, see you around the Harbor.


Rest In Peace - Forrest J. Ackerman

Hey Kids...

I thought it appropriate to say a few words about a man who influenced a generation of monster fans all over the world.

"Editor Forry" of Famous Monsters of Filmland will forever be missed. But it isn't as if we weren't missing him already. I know I'm not going to make any fans by saying this, but the rise of Star Wars and the '80's "Splatter Films" really were the death of Forry's pun-filled, tongue-in-cheek fan mag that so many of us loved and hated simultaneously. True fans know what I'm talking about.

Beneath the usual beautifully painted cover by Basil Gogos, Famous Monsters was...well...INfamous for republishing stories from earlier issues to fill space when "monster news" got sparse. But more often than not, it would issue forth some pearl of rarity. That still of Jack Pierce applying Boris Karloff's Frankenstein make-up that you had never seen before, or that shot of the animation models from King Kong lined up like kids waiting to get on a bus. Forry's Famous Monsters was the only source for those images and they came from his private collection.

In the '90's I had the pleasure of going to his house to see the collection for myself. Forry, as always, was gentle, friendly and loved engaging his fans with stories that ranged from his early love of monsters and his friendship with Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen, to the passing of his wife.

I learned later on that decade that Forry had, unfortunately, been cheated out of much of his treasures by a selfish collector. That was the beginning of the end of Mr. Ackerman.

So after suffering this indignity, and bad health Forry, hopefully can find peace among the other Famous Monsters of Filmland he loved so dearly.


Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hey Kids!

So today, as I hit the delete button about 10 times to erase the spam in my inbox, I had a realization: These are potential PHANTOM HARBOR VIEWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, how do I know that the customer service person at Crate & Barrel isn't a rabid horror fanatic? Or the guys that run the Libertarian campaign for candidate Bob Barr? Maybe they want to see an animated story about Goblins? The world is a big place and those nimrods at "The Yard" who invite me to lame parties in Santa Monica just might squeal with delight at the antics of The Captain!

Ahhhhhh!!!!! I stand in the light of a brave, new world. A spamless world where every individual that sends me offers to procure Valium from Canada or help me increase the size of my manhood might be the next person that goes to my site and proudly purchases a Phantom Harbor T-Shirt (if I ever finish the cotton-picking design!).

But why just read about this on my blog? I'm sure you get TONS of spam a day from all sorts of people who impose upon your mailbox. Why not impose back and support your favorite new Horror Web Site! Load the cannons and SPAM BACK!

What's the worst that could happen???? The spam stops coming to your mailbox?

See you around the harbor,


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Steps

Hey Kids!

So, a few minor miracles happening:

I ordered another 500 postcards that will be sent to comic book stores all over America as soon as they arrive! Hopefully they'll show up at KNB before the studio closes for the winter break!

Closing in on a final T-Shirt design. Was about to upload a design and got cold feet at the last minute. "I can do better than THAT!" The new design is a cooler variation on what I had originally drawn. It is a specter twisting around the iconic lighthouse ruin. Of course, I'll let you all know when it is available for purchase at

The design for EELVICK the Strega Mare is nearly complete and what's even better - the perfect performer from my circle of friends has accepted the part!

Her name is Yanna Nirvana (no, really) and we became friends because of our mutual friend, superstar underground filmmaker Sebastian. I acted with Yanna in "Heart Attack From Hell" a film by Sebastian (that we still need to finish!) and I thought she was awesome. She's going to be fun - especially if she can take the physical torture of the make-up. If there's anyone who can handle it - it is Yanna! Welcome aboard!

So it's back to the Harbor with me. Come back soon for more updates!

Until then,


Monday, December 1, 2008

SomeTHING to enjoy while you're waiting...

Hey Kids!

I know you are patiently waiting any new media on the Phantom Harbor site, so why not enjoy the antics of those ghouls at SPOOKY TIME? What is SPOOKY TIME, you may ask? It is the brain-child of Brian Goehring and Joe Giles - a throwback to when local television stations used to produce horror hosts like Zacherley, The Ghoul, Morgus the Magnificent, etc.

The boys have been at it for over a year now and have produced several wonderfully idiotic episodes what will leave you laughing and bewildered. So join Wolfshime Von Wormwood, Grimley the Grave Digger, and Eye-Van the nightwatchman for some spooky fun.

As they would say: "Go Spook Yourself!"

Check them out on MYSPACE or YOUTUBE today!