Sunday, September 30, 2012

Postponed does NOT mean cancelled!

Hey Kids!

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men...(you know the old cliche, right?  Good, because I only know the first part and its implications).  I had EVERY intention of finishing and posting this next Phantom Harbor episode tonight, Sunday September, 30, 2012. was not to be.

I would give a list of excuses, but in my experience, the less said the better.  Just know this.  I am almost, nearly done and I'm sure you would agree that taking a few more days (getting it right, making it great) is better than just compromising for the sake of a random release date, only to cringe when certain scenes unfolded because I knew that they could have been better.


Without getting on a soap box too much, I would love to remind everyone what the world was like before TV challenge shows like Project: Runway, or Food Network Challenge.  Making designer clothes or a fine meal took as much time as was needed to complete the project well.  I think we live in a "Rodeo Mentality" where we wonder just how much COULD be accomplished given an arbitrary amount of time.

Well, Phantom Harbor is not fodder for this philosophy.  Not this time.  I want, scratch that...I NEED to make this everything it can be and I am not just doing it for me.  I am doing it for all of you!  I don't want you to feel shortchanged and I'm doing everything in my power to see to your entertainment and visual satisfaction.

Be patient.  It is SO much closer than you think.  It's...right...there...I can feel it with the tips of my fingers!

So until next time (very soon, I hope), I'll see you at the Harbor.

Shannon Shea

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